Whether you are looking for an investment advisor, a financial planner, or a financial advisor, GreatLight Fee Only Advisors, LLC® is a firm offering a range of financial advice focused on you.

Like a beam of light cutting through the darkness to guide you to safety, sound financial advice can help you reach financial security. GreatLight Fee Only Advisors, LLC® is the premiere choice for families and businesses looking for financial planning and investment advice. Our team of professionals has more than sixty years of combined experience in helping investors plan for their futures. Are you aware of how much you are actually paying your current advisor? Fee Only advisors do not accept commissions or referral fees of any kind; their advice serves your best interests.

Working with GreatLight is an experience unlike anything that you find at a storefront brokerage office. Our independent, client-focused style of advising provides one-of-a-kind solutions. The fees that you pay are clearly stated and based on the complexity of your unique circumstances. At GreatLight there are no charges or commissions hidden from you. Because our team is paid by you, the client, we have no incentive to recommend a product or service unless it is in your best interest. Discover the fee-only difference at GreatLight Fee Only Advisors, LLC® for yourself.

Currently managing your own accounts? GreatLight can provide advice and assistance as you continue to manage your wealth, or take on the management of your portfolio entirely to allow you to concentrate on living your life.

As members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), we take a fiduciary oath to put the interests of the client first.

Please contact us to schedule a get acquainted meeting in our offices, or by Skype, if you prefer.

Doesn’t every financial advisor take fiduciary oath?

Most financial advisors are not federally or state-registered Investment Advisors. Many advisors are affiliated with Broker-Dealers and are held to a lower standard of diligence on behalf of their clients. Such an advisor is compensated for buying and selling in their clients’ accounts. Ask to see the complete disclosure from any advisor you work with about how they are compensated. Then decide for yourself if an advisor can work with your best interest first and foremost.

What is a Commision-based Advisor?

What is a Fee-based Advisor?

What is a Fee-Only Advisor?

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